In order to realize Growth it is vital that the organization adopts an open, active culture where initiatives and new ideas are welcomed and in which people embrace change as a means to improve performance. To take on challenges we need - apart from room to maneuver - self confidence. 

You want your people to say “I CAN” and feel empowered taking steps forward. By stimulating and motivating people from different angles - head, heart, body - translated into Knowledge, Relation and Autonomy - successful leaders empower self confidence and will power, therewith stimulating the innovative and entrepreneurial forces in the organisation.

Every person is different, every group is different - every request from my clients is special. There is no one size fits all. In order to accommodate all these differences and still guarantee consistent results in global implementations I work together with different business partners across the globe and a personal network of affiliates and consultants supporting in roll outs.

I want to personally ensure that all my clients are serviced at the highest quality and attention level regardless where they are based. Therefore I only work with first class global brands like Engage&Grow, MillerHeimanGroup and AchieveForum as business partners building development solutions for clients. These are all international, global companies servicing clients with state of the art programs and support systems in over 20 languages. 

Taking local culture and situation into account is vital for success. “Think global, act local” is a wise thing to do when you want people to feel that they really had a worthwhile experience and that the development opportunity you offer, makes a positive difference to their business practice.

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