Disengaged people cause your organization to underperform. We know from research that 86% of the global workforce is not highly engaged - this means that 34% of their salary is wasted. To get your people on board it is essential to invest in relationships in order to build trust and create connections between People and Business.

Moreover in times of change where stress and uncertainty rule and organizations still expect high performance levels of an already stretched workforce. A high level of trust creates an environment where people can openly realize their individual goals while working on shared goals as an organization, team, department or business unit. Disengaged people basically say: I do not care.

Leaders need to turn this lack of enthusiasm around and make their people see what is in it for them. Because once the culture of the organization is affected largely by “I do not care” there is not much going to happen anymore. There is no room for creativity, innovation or passion because there is no input. In todays business reality where people work more and more remotely, with colleagues they do not meet, with clients they do not see and with managers they do not know, the need to connect and invest in relationships where possible is immense. The Enerjy Motivation Key “Engage” offers clear structure and hands on guidance for leaders to get their people engaged, create connection and bonding fundamental to an open, change capable culture.

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