Plastic Surgery

Enerjy_Plastic-surgery_1.jpg14 Jan Companies tend to adopt similar change models at the same time - like a wave overtaking ships one by one. Many times you wonder if this new model is really the best for this particular company - ... read more

Look for Progress, not Perfection

Enerjy_Look for Progress, not Perfection_219 Nov A while ago I was talking to one of my clients about recruiting talents and he said: “You know Marja, we are all looking for a sheep with 5 legs - and seem to forget that most sheep only have ... read more

If Perception is Reality, Is Reality Perception?

Enerjy_ If Perception is Reality, Is Reality Perception_324 Sep About the Mouse who wanted to become a Cat “Enough is enough” Mouse thought now that he had lost his entire family to the appetite of cats. “If this continues I will be next in line to be ... read more

Mismatching formal and informal Culture blocks innovation

Enerjy_Mismatching formal and informal Culture blocks innovation_130 Jul Groups have always fascinated me - groups can make me feel uncomfortable because of a certain hostility towards participation, alternatively they feel like a warm bath in a very cold winter as ... read more

Engagement Transformation Workshop

Enerjy_Transformation-Workshop.jpg13 Jul Friday August 17th Workshop Engagement Transformation - 9.30-12.30 Interactive workshop on how engagement is perceived and activated in current business to drive Performance and Growth moving from... read more

Engagement - Why Bother?

Enerjy_what-for_1.jpg04 Jun Companies are more interested in engagement studies nowadays than they were a decade ago - actively investigating ways to create engagement amongst all stakeholders in their businesses. Why this ... read more

Empower: Claim Your Space

Enerjy_Empower Claim Your Space_104 Jun Yesterday I was talking to someone over the phone when we touched upon “writing a book”. Our discussion was interesting and it just evolved from talking about experiences in business and views on ... read more

Engage: If you do not play you cannot win

Enerjy_Engage If you do not play you cannot win09 Apr Many times I have seen people struggle with change - changing conditions, changing situations, changing roles, changing neighbours, changing weather, changing parking places, changing roads, ... read more

Enerjy hosts Executive Global Network Sales Directors event

enerjy-collage-executive-global-network-sales-directors-event.jpg28 Mar on Friday March 23th on Top Line Growth and Engagement read more

The book

nieuws-1-1-enerjy.jpg06 Mar Sports are in my view essential for the development of quality behaviour favourable for society, business and personal well being and functioning. Sports help you maintain a balance in stressful ... read more

Impression 2017

collage-impressie-2017-enerjy.jpg05 Mar An impression of the year 2017 in photos. read more

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